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                                   Horse Stall Pricing !!!
Horse Stall Packages ship in four completely assembled
pieces.  A stall front, door, divider wall, and solid wood
wall.   All of our panels are 100% assembled with the
wood already installed  and to your exact dimensions.  

Swinging and Sliding Door Options are the same price. Choose
which option is right for you!!!

Package Price

10' x 10'   Package                 $1295.99
10' x 12'   Package                 $1599.99
12' x 10'   Package                 $1599.99
12' x 12'   Package                 $1699.99

Standard Stall Front with Door

10' Stall Front                          $699.99
12' Stall Front                          $799.99
14' Stall Front                          $849.99
16' Stall Front                          $939.99

Standard Divider Walls

10' Divider Wall                       $509.99
12' Divider Wall                       $559.99
14' Divider Wall                       $639.99
16' Divider Wall                       $699.99

Solid Wood Walls

10' Solid Wood Wall               $299.99
12' Solid Wood Wall               $349.99

Iron Claw Stall Front
12' Standard Front Aluminum  $1099.99  
Please call or email to discuss size, package, stain and powder
coating options.

The Manhattan Stall Front
12' Standard Aluminum Front $1499.99  
10' Divider Wall  $649.99
12' Divider Wall $699.99
Please call or email to discuss size, package, stain and powder
coating options.

Dutch Doors
Standard 2 Piece 4' x 7' Dutch Door       $339.99
Dutch Door is completely assembled with wood & Hardware

Stand Alone Upgrade $199.99 per stall

This is our patented J-
Channel Frame.  This is
one element to our
unique engineering that
makes board
replacement quick,
safe and easy.
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Additional Stall          

Swing Out Feeder
Hay & Grain

Swing Out Waterer

V / Yoke Style Stall Front

Standard Drop Down Door

V / Yoke Style Drop Down

12" x 12" Square Cut
Opening in Stall Front
OR CALL TOLL FREE  877-361-4567
FAX 866-757-3261
NEW Swinging Door Option
A recent quote from Maryann in Tallahassee Florida  
“Thanks again for all of your help, I love my horse
stalls!  You really made the whole process from start to
finish a seamless one!”
Maryann P. Kinney  Tallahassee Florida
Average shipping is less
than 3 percent of your
total order cost.  We
combine shipping on
most orders for your
convenience to maintain
affordable shipping on
our own trucks and
We have been manufacturing Quality Barn Components for over ten years from 10' x
20' sliding barn doors to any and all custom components that are specific to your
barn.  We use materials that you may already have in your barn or new and popular
materials like H.D.P.E. Synthetic lumber.  Any custom components will be made to
your engineered specifications or we will have our engineer complete an exact high
quality C.A.D. drawing to ensure your exact dimensions and expectations are achieved.
All of the panels we manufacture are completely assembled and      
shipped with wood installed.  We ship directly from our             
manufacturing facility to your location with our own trucks and      
trailers.   There are two wood options standard.  Southern          
yellow pine and spruce.  The dimensions on the southern yellow       
pine are 2 x 8 and the spruce is 2 x 6.  All of our panels are        
constructed with solid aluminum frames and tubing with no         
                                   exposed edges.